Quality Product

"This is a quality product that helps your lithophane carvings to shine. Fast shipping too!"

Quick Service & Quality Product

"Just started doing lithophanes already done 15. All of them has found a new homes."

Awesome Product

"Quick shipping, awesome product. Perfect for lithophanes."

Easy to carve, quick shipments

"Have purchased multiple orders through Candlestone Gift Company. Have spoken to John multiple times. He has given me hints to improve my CNC process. Shipments are quick. Will continue to get my material through them."

What is Candlestone?

Our Candlestone solid surface material is a 100% acrylic product typically used for countertops, shower surrounds, sinks and other items.  It is very similar to Corian but we believe a better and less expensive alternative for those looking for a material to use for signs, lithophanes, coasters, and other projects.  While typically we see it used with CNC routers, it can be also be cut using typical woodworking tool and have also had customers purchase it for use with laser engravers.

Individual Sheets

Choose the sizes, quantities and colors you would like.  We have options from 4″x6″ to 8″x10″.  Individual sheet orders may take an extra day or two to process if we need to cut to order.  Shipping will be calculated based on your order.

Bulk Packages

These packages are designed to maximize the USPS flat rate box sizes so you get the most for your money and there is no additional shipping

Candlestone Lithophanes

We started our business in search of the best material for making lithophanes with a CNC router.  After testing many materials we found Candlestone, a Corian alternative that met all our requirements.  It is easy to carve and has the perfect level of opacity to create a lithophane with high contrast and details.  Our customers agree as we have received nothing but positive feedback.  Read more on our process.

Candlestone Signs

Making signs with Candlestone is easy and they look great.  Just do a shallow carving and then paint the surface.  Once dry you can sand the paint off the top, leaving only the carved areas with color.  Continue sanding with finer grits to polish the surface if you would like.  I do a v-carve for sharp corners and cut about .03″ deep.

Candlestone Coasters

Coasters are made the same way as the signs.  These are quick, easy and make great gifts.